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Send an E-Card

An E-Card is an email containing a photo on one side, and a short message on the other side. You can choose a font in the style of hand-writing, which gives your message that personal touch.

Once you have signed into billion7 you can either send an e-card to another billion7 member, or to anyone you have an email address for. If you have never used billion7 e-cards before, you can experiment by sending e-cards to yourself. To send an e-card to another billion7 member just go to their profile page, and click on the Send E-Card link under their name. To send an e-card to someone using an email address or to send an e-card to yourself, go to your own profile page and click on the Send E-Card link.

If you'd like to send an e-card without a picture and have more space for your message, using one of our e-card fonts then this is also possible. Just click on the 'Edit E-Card' link near the top of the page, instead of clicking on one of your photos. Try is out here.

When you take a photo with your digital camera an ICC Color Profile is attached to the image file. The preview image for the e-card does not use this, so you may see slight color differences when comparing the e-card preview with the original photo. When your final e-card is sent, the ICC Color Profile is maintained, so the recipient of your e-card should see the photos colors as they are meant to be viewed.