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What is billion7?

Billion7 is a Global Networking Hub.

Global - We live in a time when the worlds population is rapidly increasing. In the next few years the worlds population will exceed 7 billion people. Billion7 is a great place to bring people, and businesses together from all corners of the globe. So far billion7 has registered users from 140 different countries. Each profile page on billion7 has a big round flag, which makes it easy to see where everybody is from.

Networking - Human beings are social creatures. In many cases it is who you know, that matters. If you have skills to offer, services or products to sell, billion7 can help. Billion7 can help you communicate with the world without telling the whole world what your email address is. Billion7 allows you to control who can see your information.

Hub - Do you know which websites all of your friends use to upload their photos, or videos? Do you know what their favorite websites are? Wouldn't it be great if people could simply add links to all of the websites they use in one place? Wouldn't it be good if there was a directory on the web? Not like old directories but something built on Web 2.0 technology. Billion7 has the solutions.