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Dr. Sebastian Hennige

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About: Marine Biologist with interests in:

The effects of Ocean Acidification upon cold water coral and maerl eco-physiology

Harmful Algal Bloom productivity and photophysiology

Coral acclimation and adaptation across environmental gradients into marginal habitats

Coral bleaching mechanisms and the future of coral reefs
Address: Centre for Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology
Heriot Watt University
Location: Edinburgh, Lothian, United Kingdom - Scotland
Home Location: East Yorkshire
Professional Status: Employed
Looking For: Employment, business contacts
Occupation: Coral eco-physiology, Harmful algal bloom photophysiologist
Skills: PADI Assistant Instructor, Algal and coral culturing, Fluormetry, spectrofluorometry, photometry, Ecology, 14C in primary productivity, flow cytometry, cell culturing, microscopy, respirometry of animal and algae, DNA extraction and PCR, RNA assays, pCO2 manipulation in algal cultures and tanks
Relationship Status: Married
Hobbies & Interests: Diving, Water polo, Photography
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