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Any School - Basketball Club

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Information: This is an alternative way to set up a club within a school or organization.

Rather than use the 'Contact', 'Group' or 'Family' option(s) within the school profile itself, you could set up various school club(s) and organization sites individually. The management of which could be undertaken by the teachers, staff or Coaches who run or look after the clubs themselves.

Once a pupil or student had registered / signed up to billion7, the relevant club would then send out a 'Contact' or 'Group' request in a similar way to that explained in the 'Any School' profile. (See Link. There would be no need for the student to register again, as billion7's security and contact routines will control exactly what the student and others can or cannot view.

If you are interested in exploring this further for your school / college / office etc. then sign up to billion7, send us an e-mail and we will invite you to be an Any School - Basketball Club Contact and then become part of Any Schools - Basketball Club Group. So you can see for yourself how the above actually works.
Location: Any Town, Any State, United States
Occupation: Education Sports Club
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