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Information: Any School could be the school you attend, teach at, work at or play at. This entry is here to show you what you could achieve at your school with a billion7 entry.

Do you ever want to be able to SECURELY contact all or some of the students, to set homework, advise of meetings, or the time to meet at sports venues, without having to send out perhaps hundreds of letters or e-mails, or this information being seen by anyone who happens to sign on to your web-site.

Well now you can.

Billion7 has just added ‘Group’ and ‘Family’ categories to its viewing options, which allow you to further designate information and links.

Taking homework as an example:

You could set homework or vacation tasks in text area 2, and designate that only people you have decided can be a school ‘Contact’ can see this information.

(All the students you wanted to have access to the information would have a billion7 profile, but with limited or no information other than a valid e-mail address, which along with a password is used as part of the sign-in process. This e-mail address could either be the students existing e-mail or the school could allocate their own.)

The schools billion7 administrator would then invite each of the students to be a contact of the school, following which they would be able to see, just by looking at the school site, the information contained in text area 2.

You may then want to use the ‘Group’ capability to inform students where and at want time to attend sporting or other venues.

To do this you could use text area 3 and designate that only people you have decided can be part of your ‘Group’ can see this information.

Similar to the above, the billion7 administrator would then invite those students who are representing the school, or attending the meeting, to become members of the school ‘Group’. Following which those members would be able to see the information contained in text area 3.

If you are interested in exploring this further for your school / college / office etc. then sign up to billion7, send us an e-mail and we will invite you to be an Any School Contact and then become part of Any Schools Group. So you can see for yourself how the above actually works.

By-the-way, what you are looking at all resides in text area 1 with a designation of Everyone.
Location: Any Town, Any State, United States
Business Type: Education Establishment
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