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Sean Zoega

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About: Sean Zoega is a designer and manufactures and sells the i-toc watch (which you can see at This a new analogue watch for the 21st century incorporating graduated rings rather than hands - its a lot simpler when you see it. These are available as "standard" wristwatches hewn out of aluminium or for the more virtual, as a software download for Nokia (and a few other) mobile phones.
Location: Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom - England
Home Location: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom - Scotland
Professional Status: Business owner
Looking For: People to employ, business contacts
Occupation: designer
Skills: General design, Audio/Visual and Media Design. Project Management.
Age: 55
Interested In: Women
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Looking For: Shared interests
Smoking: Non-Smoker
Hobbies & Interests: My interests are weird and wonderful ways of telling the time, analogue synthesisers and the creation of noise in general (my own work sometimes veers in the direction of music, but its fleeting), Art in its more creative forms (I tend to prefer ideas over displays of craft and ability...dont like jazz either!)...I know its a bit dull but really enjoying the works of Rothko at the moment, musically daft punk and funkadelic seem to be the staple on i-tunes...I am trying to embibe the funk.
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