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Maria Olivia Daag

About: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart,with all your soul,with all your mind in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path"
Location: Baguio Ciyt, Cordillera, Philippines
Professional Status: Employed
Looking For: Employment
Occupation: Staff Nurse
Skills: Cardiac
• Care of the patient on a balloon pump
• Management of the patient with a pulmonary artery catheter (Swan Ganz)
• Transducer set up
• Operation of a defibrillator/cardioverter
• Care of external pacemakers
• Interpretation of arrhytmias
• Cardiac monitoring

• Management of a patient on a ventilator (name the brand used, e.g. Servo, 7200 Bennett)
• Weaning from mechanical ventilation
• Management of patients with chest tubes
• Extubation
• Intubation

• ICP monitoring
• Care of a ventriculostomy
• Care of the patient with Crutchfiled tons
• Care of the patient with Halo Traction
• Care of the patient on a Stryker frame
• Operation of a Circo—electric bed

• Application of SCD motor and sleeve
• Use of an Ultrasonic Doppler
• Starting IVs
Maternal/Child Nursing
• Use of Fetal heart monitor
• Monitoring of Intrauterine pressure catheter
• Internal monitoring
• Use of a Fetoscope/Doppler
• Collecting cord blood samples
• Care of the patient on Phototherapy
• Drawing blood from U-line
• Application and care of Apnea monitor
• Application and set-up of Oxygen tent

• Care of Hickman/Boviac catheter
• Care of a patient with (Rental, cardiac, liver, etc) transplant
• Application and operation of CPM
• Care of the patient with a Bone marrow transplant
Interested In: Men, women
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Looking For: Shared interests
Smoking: Non-Smoker
Hobbies & Interests: I'm interested in social works which I could help and share my knowledge and skills as a Nurse..
I love watching movies,I love going to different places where I could enjoy nature.
i love taking care of babies since I am a NICU nurse..and most of all I love praising the Lord..
Home: 63-074-619-1417
Mobile: 63-09194780804
Work: 63-074-442-3338
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