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Llyod Evess Flores

Location: Philippines
Home Location: Philippines
Professional Status: Employed
Looking For: Employment
Occupation: Staff Nurse
Skills: • Provides nursing care for the urgent and non- urgent patients experiencing a wide spectrum trauma and medical problems
• Provides nursing care without prejudice and regardless of patient’s economic status
• Shows empathy to patients and gives emotional support
• Carry out doctor’s order with analysis prior to the execution of the order
• Assists patient to adjust in their current condition and in achieving optimum development
• Identifies high-risk patients and those requiring immediate intervention (triage) while ensuring safety of patients.
• Utilizes professional judgments and sound decision making skills and available resources to deal with stressful and emergency cases.
• Makes critical observations, assessments and triages, plans and implements direct nursing care.
• Can act efficiently and proficiently in emergency situation
• Administers medications via all routes as per doctor’s order and standing protocols.
• Supply & Crash/Emergency Cart Nurse, anticipating provisional needs of the team, fully familiar with the supplies and medication included in the crash/emergency cart.
• IV Nurse, responsible for intravenous insertion and therapy including the administration of emergency cardiac medications as ordered.
• Cardiac/CPR Nurse, assigned to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, attachment to a defibrillator and ECG, including cardiac monitoring.
• Respiratory Nurse, manages the airway of the patient to comprise insertion of airway adjuncts, use of bag-valve-mask device, suction apparatus and assisting the physician during endotracheal intubations, and also assists the team in the observance of cardiac algorithms.
• Nurse Recorder assumes the documentation of all-important details of the case including medications being administered and the time element.
• Circulating Nurse provides for the miscellaneous provisions of the team; ensures that the other members of the emergency team are present, such as medical technologist, pharmacist, radiology technician and medical aide.
• Applies, interprets and operates medical equipment including but not limited to cardiac monitor with defibrillator, portable cardiac monitor, 12 lead ECG, pulse oximeter and other respiratory apparatus.
• Renders appropriate health teachings to patients with emphasis on the importance of promotive and preventive aspects of health care
• Applies the nursing process-assesses, plans, implements and evaluates health care provided to patient, including monitoring of uncomplicated cases at the infirmary.
• Maintains competency of nursing skills through continuing medical education, seminars, trainings, in-house lectures and demonstrations, skills review and update drills.
• Displays good communication skills that promote the quality nursing care, harmonious interpersonal relationship and favorable attitude among the health team members.
• Performs other clinical function as maybe assigned.
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