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About: If you'd like to ask us a question about Billion7 please sign in and click on the 'Send Message' link above and send us a message. We'll do our best to answer your question. Billion7 is being updated daily with improvements, and we try to make sure that it works on a variety of internet browsers. We recommend that you use a fairly modern browser for the best results. Internet Explorer 6 is supported, but some of the theme graphics do not look as good as if you used Firefox.

We are very excited to see so many people from all over the world join Billion7, and we look forward to adding many new features to this website. Watch this space!
Location: United Kingdom
Professional Status: Employed
Occupation: Customer Support
Skills: Customer Relations, Technical Problem Solving, Diplomacy
Looking For: Friendship
Hobbies & Interests: Looking after all the wonderful people who use billion7.
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