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Thorn Baker Recruitment

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About: Thorn Baker
The name has nothing to do with being razor sharp.
Or delivering fresh ideas daily.
This is just happy coincidence.
Thorn Baker is just about great people.
Working for great companies.
Doing a great job.
We connect every part of this triangle.
And make it happen.

A workforce is only as good as its weakest link.
The beauty of our candidate base is that there are no weak links.
This is not an arrogant statement. It is fact.
We attract the best. And we retain them by looking after them.

This way everyone wins. You, us and our clients.

Simple really.

Every client wants the same.

They want to work with great people who deliver excellent, robust recruitment solutions; on time and within budget.

The way we are structured makes this happen in every sector we operate in.

Our flat management structure means we can make quick, effective decisions without having to call a Plc board meeting. If we can make a difference, we will.

The fact that our client base is both loyal and growing pays testament to our committed and innovative approach.

Behind this genuine passion for being the best lies some of the most robust quality systems in the sector. For example, as the only construction agency to receive REC audited accreditation, we know our approach is credible, proven and reliable.

However, what makes the biggest difference to our business is our people.

Experienced, commercially-savvy and committed to a no-nonsense approach, they understand our clients and then deliver results.

Not surprisingly, it's something that works rather well.

The proof:

* 98% of our existing clients would 'strongly recommend' us to their closest peers
* 94% of our existing candidates placed us as their 'agency of choice' within 2 months of coming on board
* We are the only REC audited agency in the construction sector
* In 18 years, our organic growth has delivered new levels year-on-year
* 95% of our people believe this is the most 'innovative and ambitious' company they've ever worked for
* All our Directors are hands-on deliverers. As owner-managers, they know the commercial realities of today's workplace
* Our Industrial attendance levels (99%+) are truly exceptional.
  Our details:

St. Nicholas House
31 - 34 High Street
T: 0117 3158550
F: 0117 3158595
Location: Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom - England
Looking For: People to employ
Business Type: Recruitment Agency
Products or Services: Construction, M & E, office, Industrial and compliance
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