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About: The Sweatshop team have collaborated to bring you hints, tips and the very best advice on a variety of running related topics.

Sports massage
Do you want to improve your running? If so, then it's time for us to dispel some myths and reveal how sports massage isn't just for the injured and 'elite'.

Sports psychology
Looking to improve the way you run? Hoping to break a P.B.? Or just wanting to find a way to get more out of each session? Well, whether it's to relieve anxiety before a race, build self-confidence in your ability as a runner or to enhance your overall performance, sports psychology can help in a number of ways.

Nutrition and Energy
Do you often struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Feel you need to have a quick doze at your desk in the afternoon? Or find that you're lacking in energy when you start your run or workout? Whilst there can be many contributing factors to this feeling of fatigue, one of the most significant is likely to be your diet.

Winter running
This winter looks set to bring the kind of icy cold we Brits love to complain about... Reason enough, we feel, to look at some ways to prepare for winter running. Read more about Winter running...

Plantar fasciitis
Ever suffered from heel pain? It's one of the most common foot complaints among runners and 'Plantar fasciitis' is one of the biggest causes. This inflammation of the 'Plantar fascia' can result in permanent damage, so here's our guide to spotting and treating the injury.

GPS and digital mapping software
Huge advances in technology have made equipment that was previously unaffordable and hard to find more readily available to runners. Portable 'Global Positioning System' receivers, or 'GPS' as they are known, can have real benefits for runners, enabling you to track your exact location, on or off road, plan your routes and review your performance.

'Shin Splints'
'Shin splints' are among the most common of all running injuries. They often begin without the fanfare of obvious damage and, because the pain they cause usually subsides after rest, they can reoccur and sometimes lead to more severe difficulties.

Core strength
Could you benefit from reduced risk of injury, improved balance, more stability in your joints, better posture and, consequently, better performance in your running? If the answer is yes to any of these, you should look at developing your core strength.

If you're looking for a new challenge, or you want to add more variety to your training programme, why not get off-road and test yourself both physically and mentally? Here we look at orienteering, starting with the basics before offering top tips for completing the course and details of where to try it out.

There's a great deal of information already available about staying hydrated as you train, and we'd hate to add to the noise! It seems, though, that much of it is confusing or contradictory, so we look at why it's so important to drink, what to drink and even when to drink it...
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