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Rivervale Veterinary Centre

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670-676 MULLER ROAD,

Tel: 0117 951 9048
Location: Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Veterinary practice
Products or Services: FEEDING
Rivervale veterinary Clinic can give you free advice on feeding your pet if you need it. We have a range of specially formulated pet foods on sale with free samples available.

We recommend that puppies be vaccinated at 8 and 10 weeks of age with an annual booster thereafter.

For dogs going into kennels, a kennel cough vaccination is available.

Kittens we vaccinate against feline enteritis, cat flu and feline leukaemia at 9 and 12 weeks with an annual booster.

Rabbits have vaccinations against haemorhagic viral disease and myxomatosis 2 weeks apart with annual boosters.


If your pet is in our care we can provide you with wormers that are easy to administer and that may not be available elsewhere. You can purchase these from reception during weekdays and on Saturday mornings.


Bitches we usually spay three weeks after their first season.

Dogs. If you are considering having your dog neutered we would be pleased to discuss this with you. We usually recommend your dog is a year old before castration, or at least cocking his leg to mark his territory.

Cats we usually neuter anytime after 5 and a half months of age. Neutering of male cats reduces wandering and risk of them becoming involved in road traffic accidents and cat fights with the risk of absecesses and life-threatening viral infections developing.

Rabbits can be castrated and female rabbits spayed. Tumours of the womb are common in female rabbits later in life and spaying can help prevent these occuring.

Neutering operations need to be booked a few days in advance. Animals are checked and admitted on a weekday morning, but if this is difficult for you we may be able to keep your pet in from the evening before if you ask us in advance.

Fleas. Most cats and dogs pick up fleas so regular treatments may be needed to keep the numbers down.


We use Identichip which is the implantation of a harmless microchip under your pet's skin. If your pet is lost or stolen and subsequently scanned by another vet, pound, RSPCA or other agency the microchip's unique number is displayed and the ownership details can be checks on a central computer.

If you need any further advice on any of the above please contact us.
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