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Green Pastures Veterinary Centre

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About: For a vet in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset you need look no further!

Green Pastures is North Somerset's first purpose-built veterinary centre.
There is a large private car park with easy level access to the spacious waiting-room, which incorporates a children's corner and information centre, and offers over-the-counter sale of specialised pet-care products.

At Green Pastures we are dedicated to offering a caring and professional service for you and your pets. Our friendly team of vets, nurses and administrative staff are pet owners as well as veterinary experts - so, we understand the special bond between you and your animals and the importance of involving you in their care.

We are constantly striving to enhance the service we offer. Our staff undergo continual training and we regularly carry out client surveys to find out how we might improve.

We are very proud to have achieved British Small Animal Veterinary Association - Inspected status.
We are a "Tier 2" veterinary practice under the new British Veterinary Association Practice Standards Scheme.
This means you can expect an extremely high standard of care and facilities for your pet.
We are particularly proud of the level of care we give to our hospitalised patients with the facility for staff to stay overnight on site.
Did you know our nurses routinely get up at 3am to check your pet during the night??

If you are looking for a vet who really cares about your pet then Green Pastures is for you!
  01934 622022

24 hrs emergency service

Green Pastures Vet Centre
Moor Lane
Weston Village
BS24 7LA
Location: Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Veterinary practice
Products or Services: Nurse appointments: to clip nails, apply bandages, remove stitches and many other services.

Feline zone- screened off from dogs and other pets waiting so that cats are not frightened and can wait in a quiet calm area. We have installed raised cat basket shelves in the cat area so your cat can see you more easily and not feel vulnerable down on the floor.

Our cat ward also has a special plug-in unit which releases a special cat "happy" pheromone (this is something that only cats can smell, and is similar to the scent they wipe on you with their cheeks when they like you!). We find cats are noticeably more relaxed and more likely to eat when the unit is plugged in (please ask us for details if you are interested in using FeliwayTM yourself).

We have a specialist intensive care incubator should your cat need to be warmed up when ill or recovering from surgery. We can set the unit to any temperature your pet needs and also pipe in oxygen for pets with breathing difficulties. This is similar to the technology used in special care baby units!

We also have a separate isolation unit so that we can keep pets with infectious diseases away from others.

Free Health Check for New Patients!

Waiting Room Products - toys, mzzles, leads

We stock the Royal Canin 'Vet Size' range of top quality pet food for dogs and cats.

For rabbits and guinea pigs we stock the Excel range of dried food which prevents harmful selective feeding where some pets pick out only their favourite bits from food mixes.

We also stock top quality hay for small pets.

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