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Good Vibrations

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About: Good Vibrations is a friendly, personable, fitness health and beauty studio located in Redland, just beyond Bristol city centre.

We offer a range of fitness, health and well being activities and treatments to our clients.

Good Vibrations is owned and managed by Jackie, Carole and Rob Hallam. Jackie manages the studio and also assists clients with their personal training programmes as well as being the studio’s resident masseuse.

If your goal is to lose weight, tone up or improve on your fitness levels we have several of the revolutionary new Power Plate exercise machines which will allow you to do just that without a lot of time and effort. Honestly!

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22 Kellaway Avenue

t: +44 (0)117 944 6650

Location: Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom - England
Looking For: People to employ
Business Type: Ladies Gym
Products or Services: Massage Therapy
Massage - Definition: to rub, stroke and press someone's body with regular repeated movements, in order to relax them or to reduce stiffness or pain in their joints or muscles.

Sports and Fitness Training
Good Vibrations' Power Plate machines are a great alternative for people who enjoy an active lifestyle, but don’t have time for a lengthy work-out three or more times a week. Vibration training offers a number of important benefits that will help you achieve and exceed your fitness goals easily. These benefits range from an immediate improvement in blood circulation, to a variety of other measurable outcomes, such as increased muscle strength and flexibility, better range of motion, better core conditioning and stability, and faster recovery and regeneration.
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