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Gamma Foundries

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Best Non Ferrous Sand Casting Foundry | Gamma Foundries
About: Gamma Foundries is a non-ferrous sand castings ISO 9001:2015 certified company. It produces aluminum, copper and stainless alloy castings from one-off to thousands for a wide variety of industries. The foundry pours over 30 alloys including no-lead bronzes. Gamma Foundries also has a no-bake molding operation for larger casting up to 3000 lbs in bronze, 1200 lbs in aluminum, and 500 lbs in stainless steel.


• Lead Free C87850 Eco Brass® Castings
• Rapid Prototype Casting
• Pressure Tight Castings
• Copper Base Alloy Casting
• Brass and Bronze Castings
• Aluminum Alloy Castings
• Reverse Engineering
• 3D Printing
• Stainless Steel & Sand Casting
Location: Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
Business Type: Sand Casting Company
Products or Services: Copper Based Alloy Casting, Sand Casting Services, Rapid Prototype Casting, Reverse Engineering
Telephone: +1 905-884-9091
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