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Apollo Driving Tuition

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About: The school has been established since 1987 and teaches thousands of pupils each year.

We realise that people are different, with varying needs when they approach a driving school. Some learner drivers may never have driven before, and be nervous and require of lots of practice and encouragement.

Others may have had driving experience with family, in another country, or with another driving school, and just need a few hours to perfect the skills they have already developed in order to pass their driving test.

We have the instructor to suit you, whether you prefer someone younger or a more mature person, a male or a female tutor. Apollo also has instructors for both manual and automatic transmission. We will initially assess your needs and place you with an instructor most suited to inspire confidence in you and give you the best opportunity of becoming an excellent driver.

  Our Details

36, St. Johns Rd,
WA14 2NF

Tel: 0161 928 0459

Location: Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Driving School
Products or Services: Intensive Courses

These fast-track courses are flexible and quick, and suitable for the majority of pupils. Consequently this is our most popular learning option.

The course is split in to two parts but completed over a very short period of time. The first half of your lessons are taken immediately, taking a few hours each week leading up to the test week. The remaining half of the lessons are given on a daily basis during the week leading up to your driving test on the Friday. i.e You would start on Monday with lessons each day until your test on the Friday.

Single Lessons

Essentially you book lessons as and when you require.

We recommend at least two lessons per week, but don't worry if your other commitments prelude this. Having lessons closer together just means that you are less likely to forget what you have just practiced by the time of your next lesson. Pupils generally require less hours of tuition overall if they have shorter gaps between their lessons.
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