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The Advertising Shop

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About: Not much is new in advertising. But once in a blue moon a fresh concept changes the face of the industry. Like this one.

Designed for businesses without the time or expertise to market themselves, The Advertising Shop is run by experienced creative professionals. But because our agency is in a shop, you don't have to schedule a meeting to talk to us. You can walk in whenever you like to discuss your company’s advertising problems. And see how we can solve them.

If you’re our type of client you get a kick out of classy, fearless advertising but think you can’t afford ad agency prices. And you resent throwing your hard-earned marketing spend at high street printers when you’re not even sure what you want to say, let alone how to say it.

Why not let The Advertising Shop plug the gap?

We can critique your current branding, literature and/or website, talk through creative strategies or marvel at the fact that both our businesses are stronger than Lehman Brothers. Or just discuss ideas to keep you buoyant in 2009.
Our Details:

The Advertising Shop
144 Walcot Street

Tel: 01225 447474


Location: Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Advertising
Products or Services: An Award Winning Advertising Agency offering Advertisements - press and outdoor, Brochures, Leaflets. Flyers, Postcards, Posters, Logos, Websites, Internal & external communications, Exhibition stands, Radio commercials, Corporate branding, Direct Mail, Market research and Copywriting workshops for small and large businesses. Located in Bath.
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